About Prevail

We are The Prevail Project, and we present to you a meticulously curated collection of stories – told through multiple medias – and a platform for you to engage with a stylish, creative and sophisticated network of women who are each motivating and unconventional in their own way.

As we celebrate inspiration, ambition and a special panache in the women we profile: the Prevailers, we champion all women to connect with one another and to each navigate her own experiences. We tease out the best practices of professionally and socially successful women: the tastemakers, the discerning, the avant-garde, the wild, the edgy and the uninhibited.

We hope you explore, we hope you learn, and we hope you find creativity and diversity that stimulates and encourages you in whatever you aspire to become – we know we have.


Yours Truly,

Lauren Carbis