About Prevail

Welcome to The Prevail Project, a meticulously curated platform for you to engage with a stylish, creative and sophisticated network of inspirational, unconventional and highly successful women.

We have teased out the best practices of professionally and socially successful women, (the tastemakers, the discerning, the avant-garde, the wild, the edgy and the uninhibited!) to bring you a collection of resources for you to learn, network and expand your horizons in the pursuit of a happy, fulfilling and successful life.

The Prevail Project will connect you to trendsetters, leaders, and visionaries in distinct and varied fields, giving you access to events, lifestyles, experiential wisdom, products and insights to help you create your own personal and professional definition of success.

We hope you explore, learn, and connect; most of all we hope you find the inspiration to take action, go against the grain, find your definition of success and do it your way!

Founder, Lauren Carbis

Lauren Carbis Prevail Project
I am an unconventional explorer of unconventional paths. My mission is to help women create a unique life determined by their definition of success.

Fearlessness inspires me. Learning through creativity, innovation, collaboration and problem-solving energizes and engages me. However, I did not start out that way.

Like so many people, I struggled with the cookie-cutter style of the education system and outdated career counseling. I knew that there was a different way to learn how to live as my ‘highest self’.

I have had many empowering creative careers, (makeup artistry, life coaching, directing and producing to name a few) and the privilege of being surrounded by people who were willing to answer my endless stream of questions along the way. The invaluable insight gleaned from these friends, mentors and role models has been my greatest education and the inspiration for The Prevail Project.

It is my aim to give you a platform to surround yourselves and network with inspiring women, revolutionary ideas, and ongoing insight into what personal and professional success looks like for you.

I am sincerely delighted to have you all take this journey with me and leave you with my mantra:

No matter what your dream is, when you start to see it, then you can start to believe it, then you can start to do it.