The Authenticity Addicts: a Podcast for the Pursuit of the Internal

Our society constantly encourages us to think bigger, better, faster and stronger. We’re told to stay focused, keep consistent, and make sure we set SMART goals. But we are spiritual beings, not robots. Focusing on the ‘how’ can stunt our progression as insightful and intuitive creatures.

Our happiness is jeopardized by the barriers we subconsciously erect within our own minds; these prevent us from be fully aligned with who we’re authentically supposed to be and what we should be doing.

We constantly get stuck on the how. How will I achieve this? How will I succeed? How do I acquire money to do or buy the things I want? Plus, we are our own biggest critics. We tell increasingly dramatic stories to ourselves as we look for “insta” results, and it becomes all but impossible to take even a simple step forward. We’re debilitatingly frozen in a fear-based mindset, when what we really need is to be gentle with our psyches and comfortable with the mysteries of life.

Am I being authentic? How do I know if it’s fear I’m experiencing or if it’s my intuition that’s telling me to take pause? Am I the person I want to be, or am I who I want others to think I am? The pressure and judgement we put on ourselves can prevent us from reaching a higher vibrational level.

“Authenticity is not a platitude that you hang on the wall, nor is it a manilla folder you label and tuck away in your filing cabinet. It’s a moving target. That’s why we need the resiliency, the ferocity and the willingness to be in ruthless pursuit of it.

Authenticity, as I see it, is the process and practice of allowing the unfolding of the deeper essence of our true nature to rise to the surface of our lives.” – Heather White

On August 1st, 2018 Prevailer Heather White, Life & Business Speaker and Coach, launched the Authenticity Addicts Podcast: a real-talk approach to exploring the evolutionary impulse that we sense within and shining a light on what’s truly possible. When we start turning inward and sense our true resourcefulness, we open ourselves to expansion. But let’s face it, growth is scary and messy and it isn’t always delivered in the package we expect. This podcast explores the journey of the courageous, self-actualizing soul seeking nothing less than the greatest possibility for their life.

A podcast wasn’t always Heather’s career goal; this wasn’t the avenue she had in mind to take her own career to the next level. Years ago she thought the best vehicle through which to share her gifts and express herself was destined to be a book. She wrote a 40,000 word manuscript and although she knew the value of what she’d written, it sat in a white binder and never saw the light of day. Until now…

Conscious Lab, located in historic Gastown in Vancouver, B.C. hosted the launch event where the community gathered to celebrate Heather White and her co-host Willie. The evening was charming and pleasurable, spawning many conversations around putting something you love out into the universe. It was intimate, raw and insightful, inspiring attendees to also pursue the self realization that can catapult you to the next level. As a well-known leader in the community, Heather is navigating the route for women who want to lead authentic, courageous, liberated lives. To learn more about Heather, check out her Prevailer feature and her website.

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Lauren Carbis